Comfort and living

Comfort and living

  • Features a durable, washable covering
  • Offers comfort and stability
  • Limits muscle fatigue
  • Includes a low-density sole
  • Absorbs vibrations and impacts


When we move from one place to another, our lower limbs absorb an impact roughly equivalent to 1.5 times our body weight. However, the pressure exerted on the sole of the human adult foot with each step is estimated at 70 kg per square centimeter. Therefore, it’s important for the foot and ankle to be well-stabilized in order to prevent pronation or supination, abduction or adduction, and eversion or inversion, all of which can lead to premature wear and tear on the joints.


On a daily basis, people walk on hard surfaces that are damaging to their feet. These include hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, asphalt, and concrete sidewalks. When the foot contacts one of these, the surface doesn’t absorb any of the impact, which is immediately directed to the foot, the knee, and ultimately, the spinal column. An adapted sole will provide optimal stabilization, in addition to protecting the foot and the joints above it from the traumas inherent in walking.