Making the orthosis

Making the orthosis

The mission of the orthotists at Laboratoire Bélanger is to offer you the best possible quality of life. To do this, we manufacture custom foot orthoses after performing a biomechanical examination and a meticulous personalized analysis of the state of your health. This analysis includes a description of your aliments, your general state of health, your age, weight and height, and your daily activities. If necessary, please feel free to send us your prescription, as well. The examination includes an evaluation of the affected limbs, computerized foot pressure mapping, postural balance analysis and gait analysis.

The orthotists at Laboratoire Bélanger believe in technological advances and make it a point to stay up to date with the most recent developments in their field of expertise. As professional technologists, it’s our responsibility to use precise instruments, such as lasers, to create a digital 3D model of your feet in order to create custom foot orthoses.

The orthotists at Laboratoire Bélanger work with the most precise HD laser scanner available to date. This device, which is manufactured by the British firm Delcam, recognized worldwide for the quality of its products, utilizes technology originally developed for use in the Canadian Aerospace Program. The design of your orthopedic appliances is based on factors that are observed and measured during your biomechanical evaluation. Consult one of our orthotists for a no-cost evaluation of your needs.

Foot orthoses can be manufactured in various sizes and degrees of firmness. In every case, the goal is to rebalance your body by restoring the harmonious function of your feet, properly supporting the three weight-bearing points.