Analyzing your needs

Orthosis - Analysing your needs

At Laboratoire Bélanger, orthésistes, we know that certain physical conditions, whether permanent or temporary, require a little help. For this reason, for 20 years now, we have been offering our clients the best products and services available to promote a harmonious gait and reinforce your posture.

Our thorough and personalized clinical analysis is based on:

  • a description of your discomfort,
  • a prescription (if applicable),
  • your general state of health and any past injuries,
  • your age, weight and height,
  • your needs in relation to your work, your daily activities and the sports you practice,
  • a review and assessment of the affected limb,
  • a computer analysis of the load distribution under your feet and your postural equilibrium,
  • your gait analysis.
Biomechanical assessment