Your feet, our expertise

Laboratoire Bélanger, orthésistes, has the expertise and state-of-the-art technology to provide relief, correction and prevention.

Analyzing your needs

Our thorough and personalized clinical analysis is based on:

  • a description of your discomfort
  • your prescription (not mandatory)
  • your general state of health and any past injuries
  • your age, weight and height
  • your needs in relation to your work, your daily activities and the sports you practice
  • an examination of your feet and ankles
  • an assessment of your posture and the alignment of your legs, knees, hips, pelvis and back
  • a computer analysis of the load distribution under your feet and your postural equilibrium
  • your gait analysis
  • an examination of your shoes
  • a measurement of the height of your arches, the width of your feet and the angle of deviation of your heels.

Designing and making the orthosis that is right for you.

Taking into account the clinical assessment, we then:

  • take an imprint of your feet using an advanced 3D laser method
  • make the orthosis in our own laboratory – see all the details under our Orthofabrica division icon
  • adjust your orthoses in your shoes
  • provide advice and suggestions regarding the appropriate shoes for your condition
  • give you instructions on the progressive use of the orthoses during the adaptation period
  • perform a check-up one month after you have received your orthoses

Monitoring your changing needs.

Because your condition and needs may change, we provide:

  • a yearly follow-up in order to reevaluate your condition as well as the state and effectiveness of your orthoses
  • an emergency service if a problem arises – at no charge for the appointment or any modification to the orthoses.