Questions and answers

Why an orthosis?

The goal is to re-balance your body by allowing your feet to function properly again and by supporting the three weight-bearing areas under your feet.

Do you make different types of orthoses?

We make orthoses in various sizes and degrees of firmness. Let us guide you and explain which one will be best suited to your condition. Our orthotists can design the foot orthosis that will best relieve your discomfort. See Orthofabrica.

Is a podiatric orthosis different from a foot orthosis?

The podiatric orthosis or podiatric insole, as podiatrists call it, is the same thing as a foot orthosis. All orthoses are made by an orthotist.

Who can prescribe foot orthoses?

In Québec, only a specialist doctor, family physician or podiatrist has the right to prescribe foot orthoses.

Do you need a prescription to see an orthotist?

It is not absolutely necessary to have a doctor's prescription to see an orthotist. Following your consultation, however, we will provide a report for your family physician. You will therefore be reassured that the foot orthosis that we are proposing is truly needed.

When should you see an orthotist?

If you experience joint or muscle pain, or if you notice certain signs, such as:

  • discomfort in your ankles, knees, hips
  • difficulty walking when you first get out of bed in the morning
  • after a short rest, the first steps are very painful
  • burning, heating, or tingling sensation in the heels
  • corns and calluses
  • numbness or heating sensation in the forefoot
  • toe deformity
  • foot bunions
  • your shoes quickly become misshapen
  • feeling of walking on rocks
  • frequent sprains

Are we accredited by any agencies?

As a member of the Ordre des technologues du Québec and the Association des Orthésistes Prothésiste du Québec, Laboratoire Bélanger, orthésistes, is accredited by: RAMQ - CSST – SAAQ – Emploi Québec – Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada – Veterans Canada – Private insurance companies.

Who covers the cost of a foot orthosis?

Agencies such as the CSST, SAAQ, Emploi Québec, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, and Veterans Canada will cover the costs of orthoses. Private insurance companies generally pay 80% of the costs. Check your agreement.

Who covers the cost of the other orthoses?

The RAMQ will cover the cost a number of orthoses only when prescribed by a specialist such as : neurologist, orthopedist surgeon, rheumatologist, geriatrist, etc.

Are several appointments necessary?

In total, two or three appointments are needed: A first appointment for the biomechanical assessment and discussion on the type of orthosis that is right for you. Duration: 45 to 60 min. A second for the delivery of your orthoses. You will have to bring a few pairs of shoes to allow us to properly adjust your new orthoses to your shoes. Duration: 45 to 60 min. A third, if needed, for an adjustment. At no cost.

In case of an accident?

You benefit from an emergency service at no cost for the appointment in the event of a problem with your foot orthoses.