Rehabilitation and diabetes

Rehabilitation and Diabetes

Neck, Back, Hips

Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Thumb, Fingers

Knee, Ankle, Foot

Our biomechanical assessment, performed with sophisticated equipment reputed for its accuracy and performance, will help us improve your well-being and comfort. Moreover, with our expertise in technical aids and orthotics, we offer a vast array of services for the entire body. Here are just some of the diagnoses we encounter frequently:

Not all products are listed, some products can be ordered. Please phone to let us know what you need.

  • cold therapy with Cryo Cuff or hot cold gel pad
  • overdoor cervical traction kit
  • muscle training elastic bands with various degrees of strength (Thera Band type)
  • adapted insoles
  • adapted shoes or molded protective slipper
  • off-loading molded or prefabricated walking boot with rocker sole
  • soft diabetic seamless socks